Saturday, December 1, 2012

Custom bases for New Crew and Finished Seishin

My team lost to day so what better to do, to drown my sorrows, than work on miniatures. I have a new crew coming in hopefully next week and am making some custom bases for them. These will be stone themed. I made the larger stones from Sculpey and then broke them into the pieces I wanted. I then glued them to the bases. One base didn't look right so I decided to shave it down with a X-Acto knife. As I got to the bottom it broke in a few places and I had to fill in with smaller ballast stones. It actually turned out looking pretty good though. Another broke in a shape smaller than the recess in the base, so I decided to fill it with the smaller rocks too, and it turned out quite good as well. Here is a shot of the final product.
I am going to make casts of these, and since someone asked nicely, I will put up a how-to on it. After the bases were done I decided to work on the Seishin for my Kirai crew instead of finishing my Onryo. When I originally based it, I used Green stuff to hold it in place because the glue wasn't holding. Using the green stuff, I created a "mist" that the Seishin spirit was materializing from. I wasn't sure how this would look until I painted it. Now I have to say it turned out better than I had expected. The paint job was supposed to make it look like it started from a mist and then became the solid dragon at the top. I did this by airbrushing the lighter color as a base coat and then used darker coats as I went up the model. Similar to the technique I used on the cloak on the Ikiryo. This gave it a good blended transition as the spirit manifested.
As you might be able to see, I also created some mist tendrils coming up from the base. I still need to spray it with matte varnish but other than that it is done. Well that is all for now. Soon I should have the Onryo finished and posted. If you would rather me post these more in a step by step format so my progress can be seen let me know and I will try to do that instead. Otherwise I will continue to do this as a gallery of my finished work. Thanks for reading.

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