Friday, December 21, 2012

Custom Bases for the Ultramarines and the Deathwing Terminators

I have created a few new bases for the Ultramarine Terminators I posted last week.
For the white bases I used sculpey oven hardening clay. I rolled out a strip of the clay and used a sponge to add texture to the top. After baking the strip and it hardening, I then broke it into the pieces I wanted for the bottom half of the base, and glued it to the base. I then I broke smaller pieces off to form the top layers. After the glue set I used Liquitex Basics Modeling Paste to fill in the crevices between the pieces on top to simulate dirt filling in the crack. While the modeling paste was still wet I also used some small ballast and pressed it into the paste for rocks in the dirt. The brown base is made completely out of cork. I cut the pieces to size and used a sculpting tool to dig pieces out of the cork. I think I like the sculpey bases better.

I have also created custom bases for the Deathwing Terminators I was working on, when I began this blog. 
For three of these I just picked up some bark that had fallen off of the tree outside my house. Although this is wood I intend to paint it to look like rock. The one on the left I just wrapped a scrap of cork around it. The front base is a chunk of cork, with a sculpey disk on top of it. I used a scultpting tool to carve a Dark Angels chapter symbol into the disk. This wasn't really visible and since I wanted it to be seen in these pictures I gave it a quick brown wash to bring out the carving. aroung the cork I spread some white PVA glue and added the small ballast to fill out the base. Once I am done painting the other three, I will be adding my homemade sawdust flock to the base. I would do it before painting, but I have already tinted it and it looks better added after painting.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lady Justice crew started. Lady J done.

I have started the lady justice crew for Malifaux. All are primed and most have a base coat. Lady Justice on the other hand was begging to be finished. So here she is.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas project for a friend

Here are some WIP photos of some Terminators, I am painting for a friend as a Christmas present. I am about done with general color blocking. When that is done they will get a coat of gloss varnish and then I will begin washing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kirai crew finished

It appears it is time to post the final pictures of my work on my Kirai crew. Here they are the Onryo and Datsue-Ba. One turned out a little Christmasy but I like the color combination.

As for Datsue-Ba, after a bath in Simple Green to remove my first attempt at painting her, she is now ready for a fight.

And just for giggles I'll post a group photo so they can all be seen together.

Now on to my next crew. Looks like Lady Justice is chomping at the bit for a touch of paint.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Custom bases for New Crew and Finished Seishin

My team lost to day so what better to do, to drown my sorrows, than work on miniatures. I have a new crew coming in hopefully next week and am making some custom bases for them. These will be stone themed. I made the larger stones from Sculpey and then broke them into the pieces I wanted. I then glued them to the bases. One base didn't look right so I decided to shave it down with a X-Acto knife. As I got to the bottom it broke in a few places and I had to fill in with smaller ballast stones. It actually turned out looking pretty good though. Another broke in a shape smaller than the recess in the base, so I decided to fill it with the smaller rocks too, and it turned out quite good as well. Here is a shot of the final product.
I am going to make casts of these, and since someone asked nicely, I will put up a how-to on it. After the bases were done I decided to work on the Seishin for my Kirai crew instead of finishing my Onryo. When I originally based it, I used Green stuff to hold it in place because the glue wasn't holding. Using the green stuff, I created a "mist" that the Seishin spirit was materializing from. I wasn't sure how this would look until I painted it. Now I have to say it turned out better than I had expected. The paint job was supposed to make it look like it started from a mist and then became the solid dragon at the top. I did this by airbrushing the lighter color as a base coat and then used darker coats as I went up the model. Similar to the technique I used on the cloak on the Ikiryo. This gave it a good blended transition as the spirit manifested.
As you might be able to see, I also created some mist tendrils coming up from the base. I still need to spray it with matte varnish but other than that it is done. Well that is all for now. Soon I should have the Onryo finished and posted. If you would rather me post these more in a step by step format so my progress can be seen let me know and I will try to do that instead. Otherwise I will continue to do this as a gallery of my finished work. Thanks for reading.